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We strive to leave every boiler room better than we found it.


To leave every boiler room better than we found it.

W.C. Rouse & Son is your single source for boiler room solutions! Built on a heritage of over 75 years, we combine a best of breed product line, in-depth knowledge and an expert service team that spans the Carolinas. We can tailor a boiler room solution to meet the unique needs of your operation.

Available 24/7, our team of expert service technicians can get you back up and running. Each technician is equipped with an Android-powered tablet to provide equipment specifications, service data and history, and enhanced communications within our service team. We can even provide same day service details digitally.

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Our Core Values

Our Golden Rule, do unto others twenty-five percent better than we expect them to do unto us. This includes how we treat Team Members, Customers, Vendors, and everyone else with whom we interact.

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We will all be prepared to perform our duties completely and professionally. By being fully prepared, we will solve our customers’ challenges quickly and efficiently.

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We will respond to all of our customers (internal and external) in a Prompt and Responsive manner. Same day response, at a minimum. If you ask our customers, a hallmark of W.C. Rouse & Son is Fast, Reliable Service – we will all exemplify this.

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Given the choice between “making an extra buck” and maintaining our integrity, we will choose integrity, every time. We will not cut corners, we will render all proposed and agreed to services.

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We will all endeavor to learn new things daily, teach others when capable and never stop improving ourselves or the processes we use to complete our assigned tasks.

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The most important thing, every day, is that our customer’s boiler room safety is improved and that they and our team members are able to return safely to their families. We exemplify a culture of safety, everyone is accountable.

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We give back to our communities with philanthropic endeavors such as community services performed by our team members, monetary donations to selected charities and scholarships to local colleges.

What helps us succeed

There are many keys to success, we believe ours is largely owed to our history, team members’ combined experience, and customer-first attitude!

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