BFITW Series – Commercial Condensing Water Heaters

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Need BIG OUTPUT in a tight space? Consider the BFITW, from Bryan Boilers!

Comparison showing BFIT boilers smaller than average

Big output used to require big space, but no more. The BFITW Commercial Condensing Series from Bryan® provides unprecedented output in minimal space, serviceability and accommodates both variable flow or primary/secondary piping. Available in 1000, 1250, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, and 4000 MBH inputs, BFIT advances condensing design!

The BFIT Condensing Water Heater Series (BFITW) from Bryan Boilers delivers efficiency with unprecedented space-saving innovation in a service-friendly design. Available in 1000, 1250, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, and 4000 MBH input levels, all models are 98% Thermal Efficiency. The 316L stainless steel heat exchanger features cavernous internal circuits with commercially sized tubes that minimize pressure drop and proactively reduce pump sizing, saving on install and electrical operations.

Cutaway of BFIT boiler interior

Commercial grade tubes, nearly twice the size of competitive models, promote self-cleaning and flushing of particulates. Expanded tube and
header dimensions promote smaller pumps and more efficient operations.

Averaging 46% less required space than the tall boxes, BFIT is the perfect solution for tight and shrinking mechanical rooms. Models 1000 – 2000 fit through standard doorways and are compact for easy maneuvering. All models can be Field Knock Down, with dimensions and instructions for disassembling and assembly on site. Top water connections further reduce requirements commonly added to rear dimensions. Designed to fit, an optional racking system doubles the btu’s vs. competitive install limitations.

The BLUEJET Burner offers 5:1 turndown. Why 5:1 turndown? Because it works and is proven time after time. No need for multiple set-ups in summer and winter or excess amounts of air, diluting your condensing efficiency at low fire. Reliability is our cornerstone and answering each and every call for heat is paramount.

BFIT boiler internals
Designed for Ease-of-Access

Can it get any easier? The burner is mounted and fully supported on a
swing-out door providing unique and complete access to the burner and combustion chamber. Service, inspections, and cleanings can be completed effortlessly, ensuring long-lasting efficiency year after year.

Circuit board

Low and high voltage fused printed circuit boards (PCB) simplifies wiring, enhances serviceability & troubleshooting with easy to read labeling, and provides electrical protection (spare fuses located on PCB for quick replacement). Other connections include 120/1/60 voltage and pumps (heater, system & domestic hot water); alarm; auto & manual reset external limits; enable/disable; DHW demand; 4-20mA remote; sensors (outdoor, remote and DHW); EnviraCOM thermostat; low water cutout; and flow switch.

The BFIT is also optimized for smaller pump selections and electrical conservation, advanced fluidics allow for single pump variable flow systems or primary/secondary layouts. Large diameter, double row tube design delivers desired traits reducing pump sizing vs. competition.


  • Concert Water Heater Control
  • Standard Features
  • Color Touch Screen Display
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Quick and Easy Setup Menu
  • Single Heater Control
  • Multiple Heater Control Sequencer
  • Communication Connects Up to 8 Heaters
  • Building Management System Interface; Modbus, LonWorks, BACnet
  • Unmatched Archives – 4 Months of Historical Operational Data
  • USB Port for Data Sharing
  • Self-Guiding Diagnostics – Industry-Leading Fault Identification & Correction Steps
  • High & Low Voltage Fused Printed Circuit Boards (just replace fuse, not boards)
  • Built-in Brown-out Protection

Tanks and Packaging:

Storage tanks

BFIT Water Heaters are commonly paired with hot water storage tanks. Tanks are available to suit all applications: vertical or horizontal orientation; glass, epoxy or cement-lined; metal jacketing with insulation, sprayed foam insulation or bare exterior; and in various shell materials (i.e. stainless steel). Shipped separately for field installation or skid mounted as a factory package.

Dual Fuel:

Boiler component

BFIT Water Heaters are dual fuel (natural gas and LP gas) rated. Providing assurances if primary fuel is unavailable or planned change in the future.
Separate gas trains included and center-locking switch for manual transfer provide simple and safe change of fuels.


  • 1,000 – 4,000 MBH
  • 98% Thermal Efficiency
  • Low Pressure Drop – Smaller Pumps
  • Increased Venting Lengths, up to 200FT
  • Stackable – Saving Space Design
  • Concert Integrated Control Platform
  • Touchscreen Programming & Diagnostics
  • Modbus, LonWorks, BACnet BMS Integration
  • Low NOx & CO
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
BFIT boiler specifications chart

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