COVID-19 Response

COVID 19 virus particle


As COVID-19 spreads and businesses adapt to new realities of social distancing,  more frequent cleaning, reduced travel, working remotely, additional vendor-related safety procedures and other actions aimed at reducing the spread of the virus, we want to offer to you our reassurance that we are acting proactively and remain available to assist you. 

We have implemented safety standards for our team, to keep our family and yours safe.  These guidelines are based on CDC, WHO and other official virus prevention guidelines.

These standards include;

  • Education
    • We have shared with our team members and posted educational materials in our offices.  Information including;
      • Prevention
      • Identifying Symptoms
      • What to do in case of contact with a possible or confirmed infected person
      • What to do in case of a possible infection
  • Social Distancing;
    • Maintain a minimum 3‐6‐foot space around yourself from other people
    • Avoiding non-essential travel
    • No outside guest in our offices
    • Reduced in-office staffing, many employees are working remotely
    • No large group meetings, training sessions, or gatherings
    • Avoid physical contact, handshakes, etc. with others
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting
    • Additional weekly deep, medical-grade, cleaning of our offices
    • Increased hand washing into and out of facilities and use of hand sanitizers
    • Increased supply of personal sanitizing and cleaning materials in our facilities and company vehicles

We have also developed procedures covering how we will respond to a possible infection, including notification to any parties potentially involved, actions to be taken by potentially infected team members and additional cleaning/disinfecting resources that will be employed.

We are prepared to continue to service our customers for the foreseeable future, in as safe a manner as possible.  We will do our best to continue to work with all our clients during this difficult and evolving situation.  Please share any additional safety procedures that your site is implementing with us, so we can comply.

Thank you for choosing to work W.C. Rouse & Son, we hope you and your family stay safe.

Thank you,

The W.C. Rouse & Son Team, or 336-299-3035

Jeff Lawley

After graduating from Florida State University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Jeff Lawley headed up the engineering department at Schaefer Interstate Railing. A few years later, he took an Engineering Sales position here at W.C. Rouse & Son, and over the next 8 years, he worked his way up to the position of President of the company.