Low NOx Without Flue Gas Recirculation

30 PPM NOx title card

Low NOx, sub 30PPM, often means utilizing a burner with some means of Flue Gas Recirculation.  This technology effectively reduces NOx by using “cooled flue gases from the boiler stack as a source of dilution gas. They are very low in oxygen content and are composed of inert compounds like nitrogen, water vapor and carbon dioxide, which are excellent heat sinks. These inerts reduce the peak flame temperature in the combustion chamber and reduce NOx formation. This method has been used successfully in large boilers for many years and has been adapted for use on Power Flame burners. Induced flue gas recirculation (IFGR) has been used on hundreds of burners (Model J, C, AC and Vector) in a wide variety of applications. On gas firing, the use of recirculated flue gases can reduce NOx formation by 75 to 80%.” [1]

For more information on NOx, see our article, LINK HERE.

Though effective, this solution does add complication and cost to boiler room installations.  Power Flame’s latest burner design, the EVO, obtains low NOx performance without the use of Flue Gas Recirculation, by use of an innovative new staged/premix combustion technology.

EVO burner
EvoTM – Sub 30PPM NO FGR

This EVOlution of burners is an innovative design with “Patent Pending” staged/premix combustion technology to maximize operating efficiency and reduce NOx emissions on natural gas firing below 30 PPM without the use of flue gas recirculation (FGR). Designed to fire a range of gaseous fuels and light oil, the EVO burner utilizes a unique firing head design which provides stable combustion over a 6:1 turndown. The combination of operating at 3% excess oxygen and sub 30 PPM NOx revolutionizes the burner market. Currently available from 40 to 1500 BHP, the EVO will fire on a wide range of boilers and heat exchangers.

Standard Equipment

Optional Director SCS Fully Integrated Boiler Room PLC Control System
Optional Director SCS Fully Integrated Boiler Room PLC Control System
  • Siemens LMV3/5 Linkageless controls
  • Integral flame safeguard and UV scanner
  • Siemens gas train with regulator
  • Gas electric pilot, ignition transformer, and pilot train
  • Combustion air flow switch
  • Burner mounted control panel
  • Five indicating lights and On-Off switch
  • Siemens AZL display
EVO specs
EVO specs chart

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[1] The material referenced is from Power Flame’s white paper titled “Combustion”.

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