Model NX & NXT Commercial Water Heating Systems

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What do you get, when you combine the proven durability of a cement lined tank, with a heavy duty commercial gas water heater? A reliable, long life, full turn-key water heating system!

Hubbell model NX
Model NX

The Hubbell NX condensing gas fired water heater is engineered to provide long service life for high demand applications.  The Hubbell design achieves a rated thermal efficiency of 96% and is available with inputs ranging from 200 – 800 MBH. The design uses a dedicated heater circulator, to guarantee optimal flow through the unit, preventing scaling.

The Hubbell NX gas water heating system uses a state-of-the-art modulating combustion system with innovative floor and wall-mount configurations, providing exceptional access to all components. The NX advanced digital control system and spark ignition with dual electrodes and high-output transformer, provides unparalleled ignitions. Hubbell’s 316L stainless steel, ASME certified heat exchanger with fully modulating burner is integrated into a high-quality cabinet with corrosion resistant clear coat finish, making the Hubbell NX best in class.

Hubbell model NX specifications
Hubbell model NXT
Model NXT

The NX can be integrated with Hubbell’s long lasting cement lined storage tank, giving you a product built for demanding commercial/industrial applications. When integrated with a storage tank, the model name becomes NXT. NXT models are available in inputs up to 400MBH. Larger input NX units are field piped to the appropriate storage tanks. The input and tank sizing can be independently varied, to meet each projects unique retirements, with respect to instantaneous output versus stored energy, for maximum in-service efficiency.

hubbell NXT specifications


The Hubbell NX can be configured in several ways, making it the perfect water heater for any application. The NX can be manifolded with up to eight units or 6.4 million BTUs, and can be offered as a complete “turn key” system, including pumps, storage tank(s) and pre-piped manifold. It can also be sold as “heater ONLY” to replace an existing heater. The graphic below demonstrates our most common configurations, although Hubbell can design and build a system to meet nearly any footprint or demand requirement. Hubbell has been supplying packaged systems for over 50 years and would love the opportunity to assist in designing the perfect packaged system for your next water heating application.

Hubbell NXT packages infographic


  • BTU input from 200 to 800 MBH
  • 96% Thermal efficiency
  • Up to 8:1 Turndown
  • 316L stainless steel and ASME stamped heat exchanger
  • Natural gas or propane
  • Low pressure drop
  • Numerous venting options
  • BMS integration via open communication protocol
  • Feature rich customer interface using touch panel control
  • 10 Year non-prorated tank warranty / 5 Year exchanger
  • Electric Low and High Capacity Units
  • Point-of-use Heaters
  • Process Water Heaters
  • RO and DI Water Heaters
  • Steam and Hot Water Fired Heaters
  • Special Purpose Hazardous Location Heaters
  • Tepid Water Heaters, for eyewash applications
  • and more…

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