Modular Boiler Systems

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Modular watertube boilers are an innovative concept from Superior Boiler: delivered by truck, ready to assemble, start-up and commission.


  • Fully modular skidded assembly
  • Includes boiler, controls, deaerator, feedwater pumps & water treatment system
  • Enclosure complete with all interconnecting wiring and piping
  • Can be commissioned in 2 weeks after placement on pad
  • Capacities starting from 10,000 lb/hr
  • Conditioned environment eliminates heat tracing of all this equipment

Superior Boiler Shop Modular Boiler Systems can be supplied as basic or as advanced as the customer requires. Typical scope of supply includes:

  • Packaged watertube boiler
  • Industrial burner for gas/oil/waste fuel firing
  • Standard boiler trim and valves
  • Boiler controls via easy to use operator station
  • Feedwater system
  • Usually delivered by motor freight, ready to assemble, start-up and commission


Boiler Assembly

  • Fabricated and constructed in accordance with the guidelines of the ASME Code
  • National Board Registered
  • ISO 9000 Compliant
  • Each unit custom engineered for specific application

Feedwater Assembly

  • Completely engineered for application
  • All valves over 2″ are flanged and bolted bonnets for maintenance
  • All pipe, valves, and fittings insulated to customer specification
  • Completely pre-wired with lighting and outlets
  • All wiring in hard conduit
  • Motor starters, Disconnects and VFDs as required
  • Temperature controlled environment

Site Installation

  • Shop modular boiler units need only be set into place, install interconnecting pipe, and connect electrical power
  • Superior Boiler can provide on-site supervision or installation if requested

Advantages To The Shop Modular Boiler System

Single Point Responsibility

  • All design, engineering, fabrication, and commissioning is handled by Superior Boiler.
  • Eliminates negotiating with multiple contractors
  • Focuses responsibility and liability to a single party

Faster Fabrication Time

  • Single point responsibility eliminates lost time due to coordination between multiple vendors
  • All work, other than interconnection between separate modules, is performed inside modern fabrication facility and not at a job site

Better Quality

  • Controlled fabrication environment allows for better quality work than is typically performed at an outdoor and remote job site


  • Shop modular boiler systems can be as much as 50% less expensive than site-assembled components
  • Supply of modular building assembly eliminates time at the site to construct and erect a new building
  • Most city, county, and state governments consider modules to be equipment enclosures rather than separate building structures
  • Designed to meet and/or exceed local building codes
  • Shop labor rates are considerably lower than field labor rates
  • Shop productivity is considerably higher than field productivity resulting in faster fabrication

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After graduating from Florida State University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Jeff Lawley headed up the engineering department at Schaefer Interstate Railing. A few years later, he took an Engineering Sales position here at W.C. Rouse & Son, and over the next 8 years, he worked his way up to the position of President of the company.