Hubbell – W.C. Rouse is More Than Just Big Boilers

Hubbell water heaters title card

We rightfully have a reputation for larger steam boilers, they’re what we do and we’re good at them.

But did you know, we also provide the best solutions for industrial and commercial water heating?

Hubbell Water Heaters has a well-deserved reputation for durability.  Their unique Hydrastone lining, last longer, stands up to higher temperatures and required less maintenance than equivalent glass or epoxy lined tanks.

The Hydrastone lining plays a key role in maintaining the reputation for durability, along with the best engineering and manufacturing techniques in the business.

Beyond rugged durability, Hubbell offers flexible solutions to meet almost any hot water heating need.  We thrive on helping you meet your own particular design challenges.

Do you have need for any of the following?

  • A proven solution for heating RO/DI Water?
  • Package heaters for Tepid Water for Safety Fixtures?
  • A single fixture heater that is actually designed to last?
  • Custom solutions for heating a variety of fluid compositions?
  • How about a packaged, commercial, electric or gas-fired heater with a predicted tank life of 30 years (without need for replacing electrodes)?
  • A packaged water heater with multiple heat sources, for backup? We have units with electric, gas, steam or water heat sources, in any combination.
  • A fully integrated, skid packaged, hot water system?

The above barely scratches the surface of the breadth and depth of solutions available.

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