Project Highlight – Regional Medical Center

Superior boilers

The Challenge: a boiler room designed to contain three 125HP boilers and a simple feed tank needed to be brought up to current standards.  The hospital’s ownership evaluated the state of the facilities steam generating equipment and found them to be unsafe, inefficient, out-of-date, and close to the end of their useful lifespan.  Beyond being safer and more efficient, the new equipment would also need to have better communications capability with the hospital’s BMS. Lastly, the hospital could not be without steam, during construction.

Old boilers

The Solution: Three Compact, 125HP Superior Mohican, 4-pass wetback boilers, each with Boilerroom Equipment Inc. ‘Shorty’ Economizers and a custom, stainless steel, vertical, Deaerator and Surge Tank arrangement, to save space.   All of the equipment is controlled by complete Siemens boiler room control solution that met or exceeded all safety, efficiency and reporting requirements.  Finally, a W.C. Rouse rental, Boiler-Room-in-a-Box, was used to provide the required temporary steam.

Superior boilers
High Efficiency, Superior Mohican boilers

The entire plant is controlled by a state-of-the-art Siemens Master Panel.  Each boiler uses Siemens Parallel Positioning Control with Touchscreen, the Deaerator skid uses a Siemens feed water control solution with touchscreen.  The system was designed with redundancy in mind – loss of any of the touch screens or the master panel will not knock the system offline.  This is standard for all Siemens controls with Touchscreens, they can operate, in a safe and efficient manner, even if a local touch screen is lost.

The entire plant reports to the Building Management System via Modbus TCP/IP.  The BMS can monitor all pertinent boiler safety, efficiency and operating parameters, either locally or remotely.

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Jeff Lawley

After graduating from Florida State University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Jeff Lawley headed up the engineering department at Schaefer Interstate Railing. A few years later, he took an Engineering Sales position here at W.C. Rouse & Son, and over the next 8 years, he worked his way up to the position of President of the company.