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The most knowledgeable, experienced boiler room partner to upgrade your boiler room in North or South Carolina.


Your Boiler Room Upgrade Partner

If you’re struggling with an outdated boiler room, you need a trusted partner to bring existing equipment, systems, controls, and components up to current safety and regulatory standards. Here at W.C. Rouse & Son, we aim to do this with every upgrade we provide, ensuring you know exactly what you need to keep your facility running safely and smoothly.

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Why Choose Us To Handle Your Boiler Upgrades

We are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and experienced, and we’ll give you one, comprehensive estimate of everything you need to upgrade your boiler room.

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We cover everything from complete burner replacements and combustion control retrofits to smaller upgrades like modulating feedwater systems, and we provide our customers with all of the parts and expert service they need to safely and efficiently upgrade their system.

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Over the years , we provided hundreds of customers with upgrades to keep their facilities safe and their boiler room systems online and operating at peak efficiency. In North or South Carolina, there’s no one more trusted with boiler room upgrades.

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When we begin upgrading a boiler room, we start by gathering information. What makes and models are you currently using? What problems are you experiencing? Once we diagnose your issues, we can then craft a plan for how to upgrade each part of the boiler room system.

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We’ve been in the business for more than 75 years and have upgraded many boiler room systems. If you’re experiencing problems in your boiler room, we’ve seen them before and know the most cost-effective way to fix them.

Our Outstanding Boiler Upgrade Numbers

We offer the most reliable boiler room upgrades in North and South Carolina.

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How To Get Started On Your Boiler Upgrade

When you contact us, we’ll get you started on the right track to the perfect upgrade for your facility. Here’s how it will work:


Our Team Members At Work

When you work with W.C. Rouse & Son, you get access to our trustworthy team of expert technicians in boiler room systems and equipment. We pride ourselves on treating our customers with respect and sharing our years of experience building safer, more efficient, and more reliable boiler rooms.

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