Bringing Safety and Efficiency to A Hospital Boiler Room

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Challenge: Modernizing an Outdated Boiler Room

A hospital's boiler room, originally designed to house three 125HP boilers and a simple feed tank, required a significant upgrade to meet current standards. The facility's steam-generating equipment was found to be unsafe, inefficient, and archaic—nearing the end of its operational lifespan. The hospital administration identified three primary goals for the upgrade:

  1. Enhance safety and efficiency.
  2. Integrate better communication capabilities with the hospital's Building Management System (BMS).
  3. Ensure uninterrupted steam supply during the construction phase.
Boiler being retubed
New Superior Boilers Installed

Solution: Cutting-Edge Boiler Room Overhaul

W.C. Rouse & Son utilizes the best boiler parts to address our clients' needs. For the hospital, we implemented a tailor-made solution to address their needs comprehensively:

Equipment and Configuration

  • Three 125HP Superior Mohican, 4-Pass Wetback Boilers: These compact boilers were selected for their high efficiency and robust design.
  • 'Shorty' Economizers by Boilerroom Equipment Inc.: These economizers were added to enhance energy efficiency by capturing and reusing exhaust heat.
  • Custom, Stainless Steel, Vertical Deaerator and Surge Tank Arrangement: This design saved valuable space while ensuring optimal performance.
  • Complete Siemens Boiler Room Control Solution: This state-of-the-art system met or exceeded all safety, efficiency, and reporting requirements.

Temporary Steam Solution

During the upgrade, W.C. Rouse & Son utilized a Rental Boiler-Room-in-a-Box to provide the necessary temporary steam, ensuring no disruption to the hospital's steam supply.

Advanced Control Systems

  • Siemens Master Panel: This panel controls the entire plant and ensures seamless operation.
  • Siemens Parallel Positioning Control with Touchscreen: Each boiler is equipped with this control for precise management.
  • Siemens Feed Water Control Solution with Touchscreen: The Deaerator skid uses this solution to maintain optimal feedwater conditions.

Redundancy and Resilience

The system was designed with redundancy in mind. The loss of any touch screen or the master panel would not disrupt the system's operation. This ensures that the plant can continue to operate safely and efficiently, even in the event of a localized control failure.

Integration with Building Management System (BMS)

The entire plant reports to the BMS via Modbus TCP/IP, allowing the hospital to monitor all critical boiler safety, efficiency, and operating parameters both locally and remotely.

Results: Enhanced Safety, Efficiency, and Communication

The hospital's boiler room upgrade project led to success in modernizing critical infrastructure while ensuring seamless operation and robust reliability.

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

The new boiler room configuration significantly improved safety and efficiency, bringing the hospital's steam-generating capabilities up to modern standards. The use of advanced Siemens controls and economizers reduced energy consumption and operating costs.

Seamless Integration and Communication

The integration with the hospital's BMS facilitated real-time monitoring and control, enhancing operational transparency and responsiveness. The ability to monitor parameters remotely added a layer of convenience and security.

Uninterrupted Steam Supply

The use of the rental Boiler-Room-in-a-Box ensured that the hospital experienced no downtime in steam supply during the upgrade process, maintaining continuous operation and patient care services.

Robust Redundancy

The system's built-in redundancy provided peace of mind, ensuring that any single point of failure would not compromise the overall operation. This design philosophy aligns perfectly with W.C. Rouse & Son's commitment to safety and reliability.

Bringing Safety and Efficiency to A Hospital Boiler Room

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