Emergency Boiler Replacement at Presbyterian Hospital

Presbyterian Hospital, located in uptown Charlotte, is a critical healthcare facility that requires reliable and efficient boiler systems to ensure uninterrupted operations. The hospital’s need for a dependable steam supply to cater to patient care, heating, and sanitation makes the functionality of its boilers paramount.

Hospital Boiler Room Failure

In December 2009, amidst severe winter conditions, Presbyterian Hospital faced a potentially catastrophic disruption. After successfully installing two of the three planned Superior Boiler Works 750 HP Super Seminole High-Pressure Scotch Marine boilers, an unforeseen incident threatened to compromise the hospital’s steam supply. 

A simple oversight by a painter, who draped plastic sheeting over one of the new boilers, led to significant damage. This damage caused a backfire and rendered the boiler unsafe, leaving the hospital reliant on a single operating boiler during a critical time.

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WC Rouse’s Rapid Response

The immediate goal was to address the emergency by restoring full boiler capacity to the hospital as quickly and safely as possible, ensuring no interruption to hospital operations despite the harsh weather conditions.

Understanding the urgency, our team, including specialists from our Charlotte, Greensboro, and Columbia offices, convened to execute a contingency plan.

The solution involved:

  • Opting against repairing the damaged boiler due to time constraints.
  • Instead, executing an emergency installation of the third and final Superior boiler, which was already on-site and scheduled for future installation.

This strategic decision allowed us to mobilize quickly without waiting for repair parts or risking further complications.

Our service team embarked on a non-stop operation, working continuously from Friday through Monday morning—a total of 72 hours. By Sunday, the third boiler was fully commissioned and operational, ensuring that the first boiler could continue running at full capacity to meet the hospital’s needs.


  • Uninterrupted Hospital Operations: Throughout the weekend, despite single-digit temperatures and the potential for operational disruption, the hospital maintained full functionality, ensuring patient care was not compromised.
  • Reliability in Crisis: This incident underscored W.C. Rouse & Son’s commitment to rapid response and reliable service, reinforcing our reputation as a leader in boiler room solutions.

Long-Term Impact

  • Strengthened Trust: The hospital’s management witnessed firsthand the effectiveness and reliability of W.C. Rouse & Son’s emergency response capabilities.

Enhanced Safety and Compliance: The rapid resolution ensured compliance with safety standards, minimizing risk to hospital operations and patient safety.

Emergency Industrial Boiler Repair Experts

At W.C. Rouse & Son, we pride ourselves not only on our ability to install and maintain boiler systems but also on our capacity to act swiftly and decisively in emergencies. This case at Presbyterian Hospital highlights our dedication to ensuring our clients can weather any storm with minimal disruption.

Whether facing a critical emergency or in need of routine boiler maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is available 24/7/365 to support your boiler room needs.

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