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Boiler- & Burner-Related Glossary Terms

Trying to learn your way around your boiler? These terms are a great place to start.

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There are currently 22 names in this directory beginning with the letter B.
balanced draft
Mechanical draft that combines forced and induced draft through the use of a forced draft fan and an induced draft fan.
balanced-pressure thermostatic steam trap
See thermostatic steam trap.
bent-tube boiler
A watertube boiler with more than one drum in which shaped tubes connect the drums.
bimetallic steam trap
A steam trap in which a temperature-sensitive bimetallic element controls a small discharge valve.
bimetallic thermometer
A thermometer that uses a strip of two metal alloys with different coefficients of thermal expansion that are fused together at the ends.
A biological material used as a renewable energy fuel.
bituminous coal
A geologically young coal that contains a low percentage of fixed carbon and a high percentage of volatile gas. Also known as soft coal.
The process of opening valves to blow water or steam through a fitting or from a boiler in order to remove any sludge, sediment, or other undesirable particles.
blowdown heat recovery system
Equipment that is installed to reclaim heat that is normally lost during the continuous blowdown process.
blowdown separator
A small tank in which makeup water is added to the boiler blowdown water after it flashes in order to reduce the discharge water temperature.
blowdown tank
A tank that cools blowdown water and steam to protect sewer lines from the high pressure and temperature of the blowdown water.
A closed vessel used for heating water for generating steam by direct application of heat from combustion fuels or electricity.
boiler horsepower (BHP)
The amount of energy equal to the evaporation of 34.5 lb of water/hr from and at a feedwater temperature of 212°F.
boiler vent
A valve connected to the top of a boiler that allows air to be removed from the boiler when filling and heating and allows air to be drawn in when the pressure drops during cool-down or when draining the boiler.
bottom blowdown
The process of removing water from the bottom of a boiler in order to remove impurities from the water.
bottom blowdown valve
A valve located at the lowest part of the water side of a firetube boiler or the mud drum of a watertube boiler so that sludge and sediment can be removed from the bottom of the boiler.
Bourdon tube
A metal tube inside a mechanical pressure gauge that is shaped like a question mark and has a tendency to straighten when pressurized.
British thermal unit (Btu)
A measurement of the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 lb of water by 1°F.
brown coal
See lignite coal.
A level-measuring instrument consisting of an air tube extending to the bottom of a tank, a pressure gauge and transmitter, a flow-control meter, and a pressure regulator. Also known as a pneumercator.
burner management system
A system programmed for automatic burner sequencing and flame supervision. Also known as a programmer or sequencing system.
bypass switch
See transfer switch.
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