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Boiler- & Burner-Related Glossary Terms

Trying to learn your way around your boiler? These terms are a great place to start.

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There are currently 32 names in this directory beginning with the letter F.
Water supplied to a boiler.
feedwater heater
A device used to heat feed water before it enters the boiler.
feedwater line
The pipeline that carries the feedwater from the feedwater pump to the boiler.
feedwater pump
A pump that takes water from the feedwater heater and delivers it to the boiler at the proper pressure.
feedwater regulator
A device that maintains the water level in a boiler by controlling the amount of feedwater pumped to the boiler.
field-erected boiler
A boiler that is assembled on the final site because of size and complexity.
The process in which makeup water passes through a filter to remove sediment, particulates, and suspended solids.
final element
A device that controls the flow of liquid, gas, or electrical current. Also known as a control device.
fire point
The lowest temperature to which fuel must be heated to burn continuously when exposed to an open flame.
See furnace.
firetube steam boiler
A boiler in which hot gasses of combustion pass through tubes that are surrounded by water.
A component directly attached to a boiler that is required for the operation of the boiler.
flame failure
A situation where the pilot or main flame fails to light properly or goes out unintentionally during normal operation.
flame scanner
A safety device that uses a flame sensor to sense whether a flame is present.
flame sensor
The sensing device in the flame scanner that senses the pilot and main flame in the burner.
flash point
The lowest temperature at which the vapor of the fuel oil ignites when exposed to an open flame.
flash steam
The steam created when water at a high temperature experiences a sudden drop in pressure.
flash tank
A tank used with a continuous blowdown system to recover the flash steam from the water being removed during blowdown.
flex-tube boiler
A watertube boiler in which replaceable serpentine tubes are connected to the upper and lower drums and surround the firebox.
A level-measuring instrument with a hollow ball attached to it that floats on top of a liquid in a tank.
float feedwater regulator
A feedwater regulator that contains a steel or copper float ball connected to a switch by a linkage.
float thermostatic steam trap
A steam trap that contains a thermostatic bellows or other thermostatic element and also contains a steel ball float connected to a discharge valve by a linkage.
The general term for the path used by the gasses of combustion as they flow from the point of combustion to the point where they are released to the atmosphere.
flue gas recirculation (FGR)
An emissions control method for boilers in which moderate amounts of flue gas are captured from the exhaust and recirculated back through the burner along with the secondary air.
fly ash
Small particles of noncombustible material found in the gasses of combustion that are a product of the combustion of coal or other solid fuels.
The rapid fluctuation of the water level that occurs when steam bubbles are trapped below a film of impurities on the surface of the boiler water.
forced draft
Mechanical draft produced by a fan supplying air to the furnace.
fuel oil
A liquid fossil fuel that consists primarily of hydrocarbons (compounds of hydrogen and carbon) that is produced by distilling crude oil in a refinery.
fuel oil burner
A device that delivers fuel oil to a furnace in a fine spray where it mixes with air to provide efficient combustion.
fuel system
A boiler system that provides fuel for combustion to produce the heat needed to evaporate water into steam.
The location where the combustion process takes place. Also known as a firebox or combustion chamber.
fusible plug
A device with a core that melts and causes an audible alarm when exposed to a temperature above its maximum temperature.
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