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Boiler- & Burner-Related Glossary Terms

Trying to learn your way around your boiler? These terms are a great place to start.

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There are currently 11 names in this directory beginning with the letter H.
hard coal
See anthracite coal.
hard water
Water that contains large quantities of dissolved scale-forming minerals, usually calcium and magnesium.
A measurement of scale-forming minerals dissolved in water.
hazardous material
A substance that can cause injury to personnel or damage to the environment.
heating surface
The part of a boiler with water on one side and heat and gasses of combustion on the other.
high pressure steam boiler
A boiler that operates at a steam pressure over 15 psi and over 6 BHP. Also known as a power boiler.
high-limit pressure control
An ON/OFF control with a manual reset that sends a signal to the combustion control system to shut down the burner in the event of a high pressure condition that exceeds the operating pressure control cut-out setting.
high/low/OFF control
A combustion control strategy that senses the steam pressure and sends a control signal to start and stop the burner to maintain the steam pressure.
horizontal return tubular (HRT) boiler
A firetube boiler consisting of a shell suspended over a firebox.
huddling chamber
The part on a safety valve that increases the area of the safety valve disc, thus increasing the total force, causing the valve to open quickly, or pop.
hydrostatic pressure
The pressure caused by the weight of a column of water.
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