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Boiler- & Burner-Related Glossary Terms

Trying to learn your way around your boiler? These terms are a great place to start.

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There are currently 10 names in this directory beginning with the letter L.
landfill gas
Gas collected from a landfill that is made up of mainly methane gas and carbon dioxide with varying amounts of miscellaneous gasses.
The preparation of the boiler for out-of-service status for an extended period of time.
light hazard area
A building or room that is used as a church, office, classroom, or assembly hall.
lignite coal
A geologically young coal that contains a low percentage of fixed carbon and a very high percentage of volatile gas and moisture. Also known as brown coal.
lime-soda softener
A water softener that uses lime and soda ash to remove hardness from water.
line desuperheater
A desuperheater that injects feed­ water into a superheated steam line to reduce the steam temperature.
The use of locks, chains, or other physical restraints to positively prevent the operation of specific equipment.
low pressure steam boiler
A boiler that operates at a steam pressure of not more than 15 psi.
low-water fuel cutoff
A control that secures the burner in the event of a low-water condition.
lowest achievable emission rate (LAER)
The environmental requirement for emissions from a new boiler that must be met in ozone nonattainment areas.
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