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Boiler- & Burner-Related Glossary Terms

Trying to learn your way around your boiler? These terms are a great place to start.

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There are currently 11 names in this directory beginning with the letter O.
ON/OFF control
A combustion control strategy that is used to start and stop a burner without any modulation of the flame.
one-element feedwater regulator
A feedwater regulator that regulates the amount of feedwater by measuring only the actual water level in the boiler.
opacity analyzer
A stack analyzer consisting of a focused light source and an analyzer that measures the received light intensity.
open feedwater heater
A feedwater heater in which steam and feedwater mix with each other at atmospheric pressure to raise the temperature of the water.
operating pressure control
An ON/OFF control with an adjustable differential that regulates the operating range of the boiler between the cut-in pressure and the cut-out pressure by opening and closing electrical contacts.
ordinary hazard area
A building or room that is used as a shop and related storage facility, light manufacturing plant, automobile showroom, or parking garage.
orifice plate
A flow restriction device consisting of a thin circular metal plate with a sharp-edged hole in it and a tab that protrudes from a flange.
Orsat analyzer
An Instrument that measures the carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and oxygen in the gasses of combustion.
Electrical current in excess of the equipment limit, total amperage load of the circuit, or conductor or equipment rating.
overfeed stoker
See spreader stoker.
oxygen trim
A control strategy used to adjust the air­ fuel ratio of a burner according to the results from a flue gas oxygen analyzer.
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