Sustainability at W.C. Rouse

At W.C. Rouse & Son, we’re helping our customers tackle sustainability initiatives head-on.


Creating an impact to help the planet

By combining our own internal efforts and our ability to assist our customers with their sustainability goals, we’re creating a brighter future for us all.

Boiler equipment

Our pledge for a more sustainable future

It takes a lot of energy to run a boiler, and our goal is always to ensure that none of it is wasted.

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We install upgrades and modernization measures such as condensate recovery systems, and stack economizers to help our customers reduce boiler emissions. As a member of many sustainability-focused professional organizations such as the Carolinas Air Pollution Control Association (CAPCA), we strive to help our customers meet all of their efficiency and sustainability goals.

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Boilers run on a variety of carbon-based fuel sources, and a poorly maintained boiler uses more fuel than necessary. In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that a simple tune-up can produce a 2% increase in efficiency. We also improve our clients’ Energy efficiency through the various boiler and boiler room upgrades services that we routinely provide.

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We use durable, recyclable materials whenever possible, ensuring our equipment installations have a minimal environmental impact and stand the test of time. We have also worked very hard to reduce our carbon footprint by becoming a largely paper-free office environment, and all paper that is used, along with shipping materials, is recycled.

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Supply Chain

All of the boiler’s and other boiler room equipment we represent are manufactured in the USA, reducing our carbon footprint due to equipment transportation.

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